Making Time for Self-Care

Love yourself first, then only all the other things will fall into place!

Being busy in this world is the most common thing nowadays. We are so busy that we barely get time for ourselves.

Whether you are a working professional or a parent everyone needs time to relax. We often become dull and dissatisfied with ourselves and thus develop negativity around ourselves.

To keep a balance in our lives and to keep us going we need to time to time relaxation and recreation.

We hardly get the “ME” time. It’s good that we complete all our duties but forgetting ourselves is not justified. 

This relaxing may or may not be with our family. Everyone has the right to have their own time. 

Self-care is one of the necessities that all of us need in this busy schedule. 

Self-care is associated with pampering – think long bubble baths, scented candles and spa days – and if you’re a parent, finding this sort of time for yourself can be virtually impossible.

Many parents are overworked and exhausted. It’s essential that parents take care for themselves – first, for their own well-being, but also because any effort they put into self-care also has huge payoffs for their children. When parents “fill their own cups,” they have more patience, energy, and passion to spread to their families.

Like we need detox to detoxify our body. In the same way, we need our own time to detoxify our minds and make it active again.

Here are a few self-care strategies to help parents strengthen relationships, be compassionate toward themselves, and renew their energy:

  • You can plan a day outing or a short trip with people with whom you can enjoy to the fullest. Sometimes spending time with friends and family helps us to feel more relaxed and can help us get back our peace of mind.
  • For mothers or working ladies, spending a day in-salon and getting themselves pampered can work as a supertonic. Being a mother is one of the toughest jobs. While doing this job we tend to forget that taking care of ourselves is also very important.
  • Mothers also need some time to be alone. Some may get that time to relax at home while for some they can go to saloon or a spa to get relaxed.
  • A romantic date at home with your partner can also do wonders. Sometimes spending time with our loved ones is the only thing we want. As a parent we hardly get time for each other. Planning a date or dinner together once in a while can be helpful.
  • Exercise or meditation also helps to achieve peace of mind. If you get up early in the morning before you get ready for your busy day. Try out exercise or meditation.
  • Plan a special one-on-one date with your child – e.g. hiking, painting pottery, or going to a minor-league baseball game. Playing games or doing activities with children can help in two days: it can help you to spend time with your children and with your gratification that you have spent time with your child you will feel relaxed.
  • Many of us stop listening to music when we have kids, but making a playlist to listen to when you’re cleaning the house or driving to and from childcare can help you feel more grounded.


We can only look after our families when we are at peace.

Peace is very important for everyone, even if it requires to get detached from the outer world for some time.

It is important to give time to all the other things in our lives but it is also important to take care of yourself.

When you make self-care a vital part of your life. Then the kindness you show to yourself infuses your own life, and the life of your family with a positivity. It will provide a model for your child and make to path to reach your goals and those of your family so much smoother.