5-Minute Simple Crafts Anyone CAN Make At Home – Kids Will Love It

Almost all kids are creative and imaginative so it’s just right to take advantage of these skills while they are young. That being said, it’s a good idea to consider activities that would stimulate their artistic side. 

One of the best things to do when you have a crafty kid is to create simple crafts. These are not only inexpensive, but it’s also a great way to unleash your child’s inner artist. Using the things found at your home, a few materials from the store, and loads of imagination, you and your kids can start making crafts that are easy and visually enticing.

6 Simple Crafts For Kids ​

Train With Tracks

If you have a little man who adores Thomas train, you can make a train with tracks at home. For the tracks, you’ll need popsicle sticks and for the body, you’ll need cardboard, wagon-wheel pasta, cotton, and a wooden spool. 

Here’s a quick instruction on how to a DIY train with tracks:

  • For the train’s body, cut the cardboard into a rectangle and two small squares for the windows.
  • While cutting, let your child paint the wagon-wheel pasta, the wooden spool, and cardboard cutouts.
  • Once the paint is dry, glue the pieces together and for the final touch, add cotton on top of the wooden spool to create a smoke-like effect.
  • For the track, cut the excess cardboard as a base. It should be wider than the tracks of the train.
  • Just glue the pieces together. You can use the photo below for inspiration.
Simple Wood Crafts for Your Kids
Credits to the owner of the photo

3 Ingredient Play Dough

Is there a young sculptor in the house? If there is, that’s good news! To keep your kids’ boredom away, you can create a playdough at home — and it’s surprisingly easy! In fact, you only need three ingredients to get started: cornstarch, baking soda, and water.

Simply mix all the ingredients until you form a dough. Not only is it more affordable, it’s non-toxic so you’re guaranteed that your kids are safe while playing it. 

DIY Play Dough - A Cowboys Life
Credits to the owner of the photo

DIY Paper Caterpillar

Who doesn’t love caterpillars? I mean, I see this tiny, cute crawler in almost every classic children’s book and my son adores it a lot (and I bet your kids, too). So why not make a caterpillar that they can keep at their own rooms?

This simple craft is easy to make but the outcome will surely have your little one excited. All you need are construction papers (red, black, and green), two googly eyes, plastic scissors, glue, and a stapler. 

Here’s a quick instruction on how to make your DIY paper caterpillar:

  • Cut the green construction paper into 5 strips and the red construction paper into one strip.
  • Make a paper chain by rolling one green strip of construction paper and use a stapler to secure it. Do this until all construction papers, including the red one, are attached together.
  • Cut a mouth and two antennae using the black construction paper and then glue it to the red rolled construction paper. 
  • For the last step, attach the googly eyes using the glue.

You can use the photo below for inspiration.

Credits to the owner of the photo

Bee Finger Puppet Craft

Having fun and creative doesn’t mean spending money; sometimes, it all about using what you have at home. For this simple craft, all you need is a black marker, glue, a color yellow crayon, two googly eyes, and a white paper.

Just cut out two circles (one should be bigger than the other) and two wings. Glue all the pieces together, forming a bee. Next, use the marker and the color yellow crayon to create stripes to the bee’s body. Next, attach the googly eyes or if you don’t have these at home, you can simply draw it. For the last step, cut two holes on the lower body part of the bees for your fingers.

Insider Tip: You can use this bee finger puppet to make bedtime story more engaging and fun.

Incredibly Cute Bee Finger Puppets Craft
Credits to the owner of the photo

Origami model has been created a long time ago and it has entertained both young and old. The best part is that it’s very simple. You only need a square paper and some mad origami skills. If you haven’t tried creating one, you can watch origami videos on YouTube for free. You can also ask some tips from other moms and dads by joining our active community for free.

Glue Counting Sticks

Now don’t belittle this final craft. It may look simple but it offers a huge potential for your little one to learn how to count. If you’re tired of the same old counting method and you’re not really a  fan of YouTube videos for kids, you should consider glue counting sticks craft.

All you need are 10 popsicle sticks, glue, a marker, and glitters (different colors). If you’re feeling extra, you can cut out animals or numbers so you can attach it on top of the stick. 

To get started, number each popsicle stick add a drop of glue on the stick for each number, and sprinkle glitter. For example, one drop for the number 1 stick, two drops for the number 2 stick, and so on. 

diy glue counting sticks
Credits to the owner of the photo

These are just some of the simple yet very creative crafts you can do at home. If you have more ideas, you can share it to our growing community and meet other parents or you can simply comment it down below.

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