9 Top Local Attractions For Your Family: The Ultimate Summer Destination List

Apart from the lovely, warm weather, one of the most anticipated parts of summer are the memorable vacations. Schools out and your kids are more than excited to visit local attractions, discover new adventures, and try new cuisines. If you’re worried about the expenses, don’t worry, summer vacations with the family doesn’t have to be costly. 

After all, summer is all about creating memories — memories that are too wonderful that your kids will never get tired of talking about over and over again. It can be as simple as visiting premier national parks or staying in an all-inclusive resort. 

If you have no idea where your family will go this summer, I’ve compiled a list of the best US local attractions you should pay a visit.


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San Diego Zoo

California itself is one of the most family-friendly spots in the US and if you ever put that your bucket list, do not forget to write San Diego Zoo, too. Located in Balboa Park, the famous zoo is visited by more than 5 million people every year. It’s not surprising though because aside from the amazing conservation program, it’s a home of more than 700 species that your budding biologist will surely enjoy.

International Spy Museum

Spy movies have never failed to entertain both kids and adults so if you and your family have always been fascinated with James Bond or other double agents (you name it), a trip to the International Spy Museum is a must! It houses the widest collection of international espionage artifacts and on top of that, you’ll hear unbelievable spy stories that have happened in real life. If this doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what else will. 

Bonus: All Smithsonian Museums are available to the public — meaning, you can visit them for FREE!

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Calling the attention of Potterheads, turn your dream into reality now. You read that right! Your kids’ inner desire to become a wizard or at least have a glimpse of the prominent Dervish & Banges. Don’t worry, you don’t have to book a ticket going to the UK; all you need to do is pay The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter a visit with your little ones. Located in Universal Orlando Resort, this amazing theme park will surely make you and your kids have a magical moment to remember. Indeed, the best way to spend summer!

LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Not to be confused with LEGOLAND theme parks, LEGOLAND Discovery Center offers a fascinating indoor attraction that’s best for families, especially to those who have three to ten-year-old kids. It showcases 15 different attractions that give your family a chance to see LEGO characters in person, build LEGO race cars, and a tour to its very own block-making factory. LEGOLAND is a go-to summer destination that no kid can forget.

legoland for kids

Great Wolf Lodge, Williamsburg, VA

Summer is never complete without visiting a waterpark and you can make this trip “extra” by going to the one that tops “The Best Pools In The US”. The Great Wolf Lodge, which is available in various locations, offers complete amenities for that perfect getaway. It has attractions, suites, restaurants, shops, activities, and of course, the indoor water parks that will bring out the kid in you! Whether you want to be extra adventurous or you just want to warm up and relax, this place has many things to offer.

Children's Museum of Indianapolis

School’s over (for the meantime) but that doesn’t mean your kids’ learning should be. Take your kids to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis for a day full of learning, discovery, and adventure. As the largest children’s museum in the world, this local attraction is a perfect family summer destination. You can easily spot it because of the gigantic dinosaurs (alamosaurus and brachiosaurus, to be exact) hanging around outside.your kids will surely have fun in this place but what makes it extra special are the learning that your kid can take away.

Georgia Aquarium

Underwater experience is one of the best summer activities that you should not fail to give your kids. I believe almost every child will enjoy seeing whale sharks, rays, and fishes swimming over and around them — and Georgia Aquarium will take care of it. After the indoor-aquarium adventure, you can head to their small theatre and get entertained by “Deepo”, the attraction’s orange fish mascot and their staff. You can make your tour more exciting by watching dolphin shows, which, by the way, is extremely awesome!

World's Largest Toy Museum

The name of the location itself is more than enough to tell you that this is going to be an ultimate summer destination for your family. Imagine, this place is a home for more than a million toy attractions with some originating from the 19th century. That being said, your kids are not the only one who will enjoy but you, moms and dads, too, as this place will surely take you back to the days when you’re still young. What to expect? Trains in Branson, Barbie, Nascar, Disney characters, and Super Heroes — to name some. The rest? It’s up for you to explore.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Did you know that Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is more than just a summer destination? It’s one of the favorite local attractions that most families visit any time of the year. It has over a hundred miles of hiking trails, offering a number of summer activities that you can enjoy. Whether you want to go kayaking, bicycling, skiing, scuba diving, or just appreciate the beauty of nature, this place got it all. 

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