Children are tired of learning and sleepy.

7 Creative Hacks To Get Your Kids Out Of Bed – No Yelling Involved

My kid loves getting out of bed early — said no parent ever.

Now that summer’s officially out, many parents are having the same dilemma — getting stubborn children out of bed for school — and no one can blame the kids for doing so. We, as parents, need to wake up early, too, to accomplish as many tasks as possible. If it’s hard for us, what more for them?

Getting your kids up is a struggle especially after a long summer vacation. So how can you encourage your child to wake up at 6 in the morning when they’re used to waking up almost in the afternoon? 

Below are some of the best tips (that most parents have personally used) to get your kids ready for school.

#1 - Get Them Ready A Week Before The School Starts

During summertime, you may have allowed your kids to stay up late at night and wake up late, too. But if you want to prepare your children for their morning classes, you can reset their body clock by adjusting their bedtime schedule one week before school.

One of the best ways to do this is by creating a bedtime routine that should start at least an hour before they sleep. It can include reading a book, taking a warm bath, or drinking hot milk. Do this every night and be consistent about it.

#2 - Set The Mood

Waking up a child is hard; encouraging them to get out of bed is another issue. The worst part is that it can ruin almost everybody’s mood but you can stop this from happening. Instead of the usual alarm clock, you can start your kid’s day by playing music they will love. 

When it comes to setting up the right mood with music, here are my top picks:

  • Lovely Day by Bill Withers
  • Lasso by Phoenix
  • Stronger by Kanye West
  • Wake Me Up by Avicii
  • Paw Patrol OST (works well with my little one)

#3 - Limit The Gadget Usage

You may be wondering why it’s hard to for your little one to wake up early when they’re barely doing anything the whole day. It’s not like they’re ironing the house, cooking the clothes, or cleaning the food.

In case you’re wondering, these are the required duration that your child should have according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Toddlers (1-2 years old) – 11to 14 hours

Preschoolers (3-5 years) – 11 to 13 hours

School-aged Children (6-13 years) – 9 to 11 hours

That being said, it’s important that your little one has the recommended amount of sleep every single night and one way to achieve this is by limiting the use of the gadget. Make sure that your child stops using electronics an hour before bedtime to make it easier for them to fall and stay asleep.

#4 - Let Sunshine Wake Them Up

Whenever the sun strikes my son’s eye, he’ll stand up and say “it’s wake up time!” 

Apparently, natural sunlight affects our biological clock, therefore, if you want to get your child out of bed, one of the things you should consider is having a window in their own room. Draw the curtain, open the window, and let the sun wake your little up. 

Don’t have a window? You can also use artificial lights as an alternative. 

#5 - Prepare Their Favorite Meal

One of the best ways to wake a little one up (or even your husband) is to cook their favorite breakfast. I mean, who can resist the smell of ham, bacon, eggs, and pancakes?

Also, preparing a good meal to start the day is important as it will contribute to your child’s productivity. In case your kid’s not interested in a full course, you can give them bread, fruit, and/or yogurt instead.

Have a hard time cooking for your picky child? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Join our community now and share your experience with other moms and dads. Who knows? You might have the chance to get the best tips to feed a picky child!

boy sleepy for school with clock

#6 - Use A Traditional Alarm Clock

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a traditional alarm clock at home because gadgets have sadly taken over them. Apart from making it easier to hit the snooze button, it makes it harder for your kids (especially teens) to fall and stay asleep when they have too much gaming or social media. Therefore, ask them to make it a habit to turn their phones off or put it on silent mode one or two hours before they go to bed.

Now, back to the alarm clock. Set it at 6 AM (or earlier, depending on your kid’s schedule) and place it far from the bed so whenever they want to hit the snooze button, they have to get out of bed. 

#7 - Start By Keeping Active

Once your child gets out of bed, one of the best ways to wake their body up is by having a morning exercise. Do a few moves before breakfast, such as walking or stretching. You can also get the entire family involved so you can all have an active morning. Do this every day, even on weekends and start teaching your kids about the value of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Encouraging your kids to get out of bed for as early as 6 in the morning is not an easy task. For first-timers, it may even seem impossible but with the help of these tricks (plus your tried-and-tested hacks), you can overcome this. And remember, consistency is the key!

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