18 Manners Your Kids Should Know Before They Turn 10 — Tips For Raising A Good Adult

I always get annoyed every single time my son interrupts me when I’m talking to someone else and even after a couple of months reminding him that it’s not good to distract anyone from speaking unless it’s an emergency, he still doesn’t get it. At first, I was impatient but it wasn’t long until I realized that he’s just a kid and that I should be patient in guiding him until he’s old enough to understand. 

Like me, most people do not understand that kids, especially toddlers, have no idea what bad behavior is. That includes lying down on a mall’s floor and whine when they don’t get what they want or pick their nose in front of people. However, no matter how much we want to focus on their behavior 24/7, it’s not always possible. We have a lot of things on our plate already but as long as we are eager to help them grow into a well-mannered adult, it’s doable!

Below are the basic manners that kids should know before they turn 10.

Learning The Magic Words

“Please” and “Thank You” — these are the magic words that every kid should know in the soonest possible time. It shows respect and gratitude towards other people when they do something for them.

Covering Mouth When Coughing Or Sneezing

This simple exercise teaches your kids about the importance of cutting down the spread of germs. 

Introducing One’s Self

As a parent, set yourself as your child’s example, so whenever another person visits your place, introduce yourself and be sure to introduce them as well. It’s also a good practice whenever they meet a new classmate or friend.

Not Picking Nose In Front Of Other People

It’s gross and no one wants to see anyone, not even the cutest kid on earth, pick their nose. Therefore, be sure to teach your child about this one.


Greetings And Goodbye

When they wake, be sure to greet them “Good morning” so they can adapt to this as well. Even if they don’t feel like doing it, encourage the little one to greet other people. Also, teach them to say goodbye whenever they leave or someone else is leaving.

Saying “Excuse Me”

Whenever they sneeze or about to interrupt a conversation, teach your little one to say “excuse me”. Same thing when they are passing through someone who’s on their path.

Asking For Someone To Pass The Meal Instead Of Grabbing It

At the table, teach your kids to ask someone politely to reach the food for them instead of grabbing it themselves.

Responding When Someone Asks Them How They Are

You can teach your child to answer “I’m good” or “I’m great!” whenever someone asks them about how they are doing. Also, it would be generous to ask the person about how they are doing, too.

Waiting For Their Turn Before They Speak

As mentioned above, this is one of my struggles with my kid. However, it won’t hurt to tell them to wait for their turn and to NOT interrupt when someone is talking. 

No Cell Phone Or iPad On The Table

When eating or at the dining table, tell your kids to leave their gadgets somewhere else and connect with the person present instead. As an adult, be sure that you are showing a good example.

Not Shaming Others For Their Appearance

Some kids might be curious about other people’s appearance so it’s best to teach them, in the soonest possible time, that it’s not good to talk about how other people look. Also, help them understand the importance of keeping a bad comment or opinion to themselves.

In line with this, tell them to not call people mean names.

Washing Hands Before Meal

Not only does washing promote good hygiene, but it also shows good manners.


Not Burping Out Loud

No matter how full they feel, tell your kids that they should keep their burps silent all the time. And, in case they failed to stop it, teach them to say “excuse me” afterward.

Saying Sorry, Sincerely

Whenever they do or say something bad to another person, teach them the importance of saying sorry genuinely. While they should not expect that they will be forgiven immediately, saying “sorry” for hurting someone is the best thing to do.

Knock On Closed Doors

Even if it’s your husband’s door, teach your kids to knock on closed doors first and wait for the other person’s approval before they enter.

Do Not Say Bad Words

Any foul language should not be allowed no matter what they feel, therefore, tell them that they cannot say it, especially in front of adults.

Staying Attentive On An Assembly Or Performance

No matter how boring it is, sit quietly and tell them to stop talking to other people. Also, encourage your little one to stay attentive (or at least pretend that they are) when watching a play or attending an assembly. It’s challenging but it’s one way to show respect.

Help Other People

Whenever they see an adult who needs help, ask them to give a helping hand. Apart from showing respect and generosity, it can give them an opportunity to learn something new.


These are just some of the manners you can teach your kids while they’re still young. Have you taught your kids any of this? What other manners do you implement at home? Please feel free to share it in our community or drop it in the comment box below.

Happy parenting!

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