Top 7 Considerations When Picking A Preschool – Use This Guide NOW

Before my son started school, I thought that the only things I need to consider are the location, costs, and the facilities. After all, that’s just the beginning of his education and he’s just a child, so I think he still can’t tell if the place is good or not.

But then, I was wrong. It was his first experience of school so it’s extremely important to make a good impression. Otherwise, in case something unlikely happens, he might remember it for a long time, if not for the rest of his life.

Therefore, one of the factors that I consider when looking for a preschool is the ratio. Typically, preschool programs accept children at the age of three and imagine how challenging it is to handle a room full of toddlers. That being said, I have to consider a few things, such as the number of teachers, teacher aides (or the support staff), and students inside the class. Apart from the learning, we are paying someone to watch our kids so it’s just right to know that there really is someone watching the little one. As for my chosen preschool, there’s 1 teacher, 2 teacher aides, and 11 students.

Anyway, the number of students is just one of the many things that we, parents, should focus on. Now, if looking for a learning facility sounds more challenging, I’ve created a list of the factors that you can consider when choosing a preschool.


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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Preschool

The Teachers And Support Staff

Most experts believe that teachers are the most important factors that parents should look at. After all, kids are unpredictable and we want someone patient enough to handle them. It’s also good to know if the teacher can bond with the children well; someone who can make our little ones feel comfortable and safe while motivating them to become interested and inquisitive. Also, a good teacher knows how to encourage a child to talk and play with other kids, thus helping them to socialize.

Internal Procedures

Every school has its own policy and it’s worth knowing most, if not all of it. For example, if your kid has asthma, you might want to know if your child can just bring it at school or if you need to administer it first. Schools with organized internal policies are more likely better at implementing these procedures.


Some preschools allow parents to check on their children for a few weeks. After that, they can only wait outside and wonder about their little ones’ performance inside the classroom. Therefore, it would help to know how approachable teachers are and if they are willing to provide feedback for your child. 

In line with this, it would be good to know if the school will send newsletters about their upcoming activities, lesson plans, menu, or any updates that parents should be aware of.

Guidelines About Separation

As mentioned, every school has its own policies and some might allow you to stay outside the classroom for a week or two. Meanwhile, there are preschool facilities that ask parents to leave their child for good after two days and come back only when it’s time to go home. We know, we know. Leaving the little one even for only a couple of hours can be challenging so it would be good to know the school’s guidelines on separation. 


School Community

Walking to a new place, even as an adult, can be hard. Therefore, it’s worth knowing what kind of community your potential preschool has. Does it offer a warm and friendly community where your child can feel safe? How many events do they hold to encourage communication and participation? Do they provide ongoing development and evaluation to their teachers and students?

Refund Or Cancelation Policy

Before we enrolled our child to a preschool, we asked a few parents about their kids’ experience and here’s what my husband and I found out: some parents have no problem leaving their children at school while there are those who have a hard time convincing their kids to stop crying. Every child is reaction is different so we were advised to ask about the school’s policy when it comes to refund or cancelation just in case the little one does not really want to go to school yet or if you’re planning to move to a new place after a few months.

Honest Feedback From Other Moms

Since it’s my first time to enroll a child and I have no idea about schools, I rely on trusted parents communities when seeking honest reviews about preschools. The information from this kind of group is invaluable especially when you have no one to ask around. You can also ask the other parents you trust when you want to know more about different schools or the particular school you’re eyeing at. Ask as many questions as you can, such as how they handle school emergencies or when a child has potty training issues. Taking the chance to get another parent’s view about the school is a great opportunity you should not miss!

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