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5 Simple Yet Powerful Ways To Make Homework Time Fun And Exciting — Tip #2 Is A Lifesaver!

My son has always been excited about school but when it comes to homework, I can’t see the excitement at all. Maybe it’s because he’s already home and there are no more classmates and teachers around. If this is the same problem you have with your children, don’t worry. There’s always a SOLUTION.

The best part is — it’s not as complicated as you think.

On this post, I’ll share with you the best yet simple ways to make homework time a fun time for kids.

4 Easy Ways To Encourage Kids Do The Homework

Tip #1: Be Creative In Setting Up A Fun Space For Homework

As an adult, you may find it demotivating if you are working in a distracting or boring space, and I believe this is the same thing with children. If you want to turn homework into a fun and less stressful activity, you can start by creating a nook designated for study sessions at home.

Based on my own experience, the living room is not the best place to set up a homework space. There’s a lot of activities happening there and the television makes it harder for my son to concentrate. I tried helping him do his homework in our bedroom and although I can get his entire attention when we’re alone, it didn’t last for a long time. 

What I did is create a designated area (on our bedroom) that mimics a classroom. That means having his own chair and table, a space for his study tools (pencil, crayon, art materials), and a few educational posters on the wall. I also make sure that he uses this space only for studying and not for playtime. This way, he’ll understand that this nook is intended for homework and school-related activities.

Tip #2: Use A Reward System

Encouraging a child to do the homework, no matter what age he/she is daunting. On my experience, I get frustrated a lot first before the task is completed. However, when I tried using the reward system, there’s a significant change with my son’s behavior towards completing his homework. After all, who doesn’t want a reward for a job well done?

If you’re wondering how most moms do this, here’s a simple trick: you can buy a sticker or cut a star and every time your kid completed an assignment on time or do his homework correctly, you can place the sticker/star on a chart. Now, when he/she reached the required number of stars, let’s say 10 stars, then he/she can get a reward. It can be getting a new toy, eating his/her favorite ice cream, watching a new movie, and the list goes on. 

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Remember, be creative!

Also, be sure to explain to your child the importance of studying and having good grades and it’s not just because of getting a reward but for a better, brighter future. 


Tip #3: Do The Work With Your Kid

If your kid is in preschool, it’s always best to help their homework and this could, or should I say SHOULD go on even if they are all grown up. While they are completing their assignments, you can sit beside them and do a task, such as creating a budget, writing a meal plan, checking your email, or planning a getaway. 

This is a win-win situation for both of you. Your child gets to feel your support and presence while he/she is working hard while you have your own quiet time to finish other tasks. Also, this gives you the chance to spend time with your little one while setting yourself as an example.

Tip: Don’t get yourself too busy! Make yourself available in case they ask a question or when they need help.

Tip #4: Turn Homework Time Into A Game Time

One failproof way to make homework fun and exciting is by turning it into a game. For instance, before you start a review or complete an assignment, you can warm up by playing a brain teaser, like Scrabble, Boggle, or chess.

You can also think of creative ways to do the homework. For example, if your kid is doing addition or subtraction, you can use candies or toys to help them do the numbers. When doing a vocabulary task, you can play a matching game or use a flashcard.

BONUS TIP: Get Rid Of Technologies

When doing homework, there should be a zero technology rule implemented. That means keeping your child away from his/her phone or tablet and using it only when it’s really necessary. Be sure to keep social media away for the meantime to keep them from being distracted. 

These are just some of the simple ways I’ve personally tried to make homework fun and exciting for my kid and I’m sure that you can add more. If you want to share more homework tips, please feel free to visit our community by clicking this link or you can simply share it in the comment box below.

Have fun!

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