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Self-Care 101: Why Having A Solid Community Is A Must For Every Mom

Alright, ladies. Today, we’ll talk about self-care.

Self-care may have been a cliché these days but it is an important aspect of one’s health. Sadly, most people — especially parents — neglect it today. For instance, moms, have to cater and provide for our family’s needs, let alone run some other errands. 

Hearing a mother forget herself is not a new story after all.

However, it is also necessary that we replenish ourselves and also cater to our own mental, physical and emotional needs. We should also be mindful and careful of ourselves and be filled with love because you can’t give what you don’t have.  How can you be effective and help others well, if you — yourself — is not healthy. 

Indeed, health is wealth and it’s also our investment. I know most of us have heard this before but I’ll say it again: you SHOULD allot time to take care of yourself. It’s typical to go to a cafe or restaurant, get pampered in a salon or spa, or go shopping. 

However, one of the best things you can give to yourself is to have a solid support system. Having a positive support system is good for our psychological well-being. 

Why A Solid Supportive Community Is A Must For Every Mom

A supportive community is a vital part of self-care, especially in circumstances where you go through a trial or a grave disease. But from what I see, not most women are taking this as a priority. Yes, we all have friends but just so you know, it’s different if you have a strong support system, especially when you need a source of motivation when things are rough.

I remembered the first time I became a mom. Since most of my friends are childless, I don’t have anyone to talk with about my experiences, such as my sleepless nights (and days), the struggle about breastfeeding, my worries about being a bad mom, and you know, other momma dramas.

I was lucky to find an online community that supports breastfeeding though. I was able to ask questions about it, vent out my frustrations, and also, build a connection. I found real-life friends there. I am a breastfeeding advocate, by the way, that’s why I need a support system that would TRULY understand what I’m passionate about.

If you’re having a hard time making connecting to people, you can always try alternatives online. For instance, you can join our growing community and just be yourself. Talk about your journey as a mom, your current dilemma, or maybe, look for a new friend nearby.

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Here are some important things having a supportive community can give:


As the saying goes, “No man is an island.” Indeed, in every endeavour we take in life, we should be surrounded with our support people, in good times and bad times. And yes, most especially in trying times (such as having Postpartum Depression or PPD), for they can not only give you physical support but also emotional, mental and spiritual support. 

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Whether you’re a first time mom or not, raising a child can be terrifying, overwhelming or both. Your parenting journey can be long and exhausting but if you have a solid support system, you have people who will motivate you to fight and to press on. 

A simple, encouraging conversation can boost the mood and give a sense of enlightenment. These support people will be your driving force to help you endure and persevere even during the hard times, believing you will overcome it. 


As they say, two is better than one, not only in marriage but also in soliciting of ideas and information that can help you in raising a child. For instance, you’re having a hard time breastfeeding your little one or you’re confused about whether your child needs professional help or not.

Not only that you get medical information from the health care providers but also involve support group, to aid resources by imparting their experiences, researches and testimonies with regards to your dilemmas.

Indeed, no man is an island, for no one has to be alone. You can’t manage this all by yourself. We all need each other to move forward. I know that things might change a little (or a lot) once you become a mom and talking to another person, whether it’s someone you knew or not, can be challenging. But remember, having the right kind of people to support you is one of the best and least expensive ways to take care of yourself.

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Do you have a support system? Who is part of that supportive community? Continue to engage in relationships that are not disposable. 

Do not isolate yourself and don’t forget that you too, needs self-care. You need the support of people around you. We all do need each other.