Gone are the days when kids, instead of running straight to your home, head to the park or yard to play with their friends. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, many young ones choose to sit on the couch all day staring at their phone or playing video games. As the older person, you may have an idea of the consequences if they continue doing these habits in the long run.

For one, obesity. Children who rarely participate in sports inside or outside school or other physical activities, experience being overweight, therefore you should encourage your young ones to be physically active as much as possible. If you’re not convinced yet, here are the benefits that your kids can get from sports.

Advantages Of Sports For Your Little Ones

Sports are not only good for your child’s physique, but it also shapes their mental ability. In addition, helps them develop positive traits, such as leadership and team spirit. Here are some advantages of sports for your kids:

  • Helps Build Positive Self-Esteem

With constant practice and exercise, your child develops not only their skills, strength, and stamina but their self-image as well.

  • Reduces Stress And Improves Mental Well-Being

Having a sport does not only keep your child’s physique in shape but also, it contributes to having a healthier and clearer mind.

  • Develops Moral Principles And Character

In sports, your child experiences success and failure and these often teach them to have a positive spirit and attitude.

  • Provides A Good Learning Environment

Studies show that physical activities, such as sports, increase attention, stimulate memory, and encourage creativity.

  • Improves Communication

Whether it’s a solo or a team sport, your child will be encouraged to speak and express himself/herself, thus helping them develop their communication skills. And since sports develop self-esteem, he/ she can learn to speak for himself/herself with confidence.

These are just some of the numerous benefits that a physically-active child can get and if you’re wondering what sports are best for your child, here are my top suggestions:

Number 1: Swimming

Most kids love to play in the pool and if your child’s bold enough to face deep water and heights, then he/she might be interested in swimming. I can’t stress enough how much this sport can help your young one physically and mentally. This activity provides flexibility, endurance, and strength and helps prevent health diseases, such as stroke and Type 2 diabetes.

Number 2: Football

Football, as a team sport, educates kids that they cannot win unless they play as a team. It also teaches resilience and discipline and of course, because of the rigorous movements required, your child’s cardiovascular fitness is strengthened. This physical sport also improves speed, agility, and critical thinking.

Number 3: Basketball

One of the most popular sports ever, basketball is a physical activity that is not only suited for boys. Even girls have shown their interest in this physical recreation. After all, it’s a fun game, to begin with, and it provides various benefits, such as improved hand-eye coordination, sportsmanship, enhanced accuracy and precision, and a lot more. The best part is that it’s easy to get started. You can simply purchase a hoop and a ball or visit the nearest park with your kids.

Number 4: Baseball

Baseball is another fail-proof sport that your kids will surely love to try. It has won the hearts of many children and it provides various advantages, such as improved gross motor skills, stronger upper body, and enhanced balance. It’s also a good opportunity to make friends and to teach them the value of good sportsmanship.

Number 5: Bicycle

Almost every child has tried riding the bicycle once in a while and if you think your kid is interested to turn it into a sport, then why not? Cycling is a good form of exercise that burns calories. It also strengthens lower-body muscles, heart, bones, and the lungs. It also enhances balance and relieves stress.

Number 6: Running

Running is good for your child but being active and turning it into a sport? Now that makes it even better. This physical activity helps your kids stay fit without the need of other equipment. It gives them a sense of freedom while helping them develop their gross motor skills, like throwing, kicking, and swinging. It also reduces stress and anxiety, thus improving your little one’s mental health.

Number 7: Inline Skating

Inline skating is becoming immensely popular nowadays and it has shown multiple benefits. For one, it helps your child develop balance and coordination. It also strengthens the muscle, improves self-esteem, and enhances flexibility. It’s one sport that your kid (of any age) can truly enjoy and like running, it gives them a feeling of freedom.

Do you have other sports in mind? If yes, feel free to share it in our growing community or by dropping a comment below.

Have an awesome day!