About Letskamp

Some words about our service and team


To connect parents with the very best camps for their kids
faster and easier than ever

It all started with a regular dad trying to find summer camps for his two daughters and discovering that there was no reliable, centralized resource to help parents identify and learn about local summer programs. Actually, that was me! I was shocked when I saw firsthand how difficult it was to find side-by- side comparisons of summer camps and get accurate price quotes or meaningful reviews from other parents. As an engineer, I couldn’t help but think about what a solution to my problem – a

problem I suddenly realized millions of other parents around the country shared as well – might look like. 
LetsKamp was born out of my desire to help make sure kids like my daughters have the opportunity for memorable, positive, confidence-building summer experiences, while also  empowering their parents to comparison shop in an informed way. 


Who is the part of our Team ?

Abhinav Katoch | Founder & Technology Leader

Abhinav Katoch

Founder and Technology Leader

Abhinav is the driving force behind LetsKamp in terms of both vision and technology. With more than 20 years under his belt as a technologist, Abhinav brings a proven track record of both start-up expertise and enterprise level experience to the table. He lives in Northern Virginia with 
his wife and two daughters, who inspire him every day (on this project and beyond). 

Linda Quezada | Marketing Leader

Linda Quezada

Marketing Leader

Linda fearlessly commands our marketing team and is responsible for LetsKamp’s growth and communications. As a marketing strategist with more than five years’ experience helping global brands and businesses connect with new customers and increase sales, Linda is passionate about stimulating growth through community outreach and engagement. She lives in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico and is a master of languages, speaking English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Kalpesh Kotadiya | Development Leader

Kalpesh Kotadiya

Development Leader

Kalpesh leads the India-based team responsible for the development of the LetsKamp app. With eight-plus years in the development field, Kalpesh has an incredible eye for detail and dedication to delivering apps that are technically perfect and provide a flawless user experience. 

Cherry Amper | Customer Success Leader

Cherry Amper

Customer Success Leader

Cherry is the primary point of contact for all camp directors whose programs are listed on LetsKamp. She has had a big hand in helping launch LetsKamp in the Northern Virginia area and eventually scale it at a national level by leading outreach to new businesses and assisting with the registration and onboarding processes.