How did having a child/children change you?  


Robin Roberts
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28/07/2019 2:49 pm  

Hello everyone, it's my first time to be a dad and I noticed many drastic changes. From appearance up to the daily routine, you name it! I just want to know what changes you've been through and how are you handling it so far?

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Caitlin Wilson
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29/07/2019 4:20 pm  

Before having a child, I use to party a lot. Of course now I cannot. Although I have time to go out and have coffee dates with my friend, I feel like it's better to spend some time alone... at home. I feel exhausted most of the times so I'd rather lie down on a bed or read books rather than go out. I also noticed that I'm well, less fashionable. Before I used to wear high heels, dresses, or tank tops and skirts but now I'm all good with sneakers, pants, and shirt. I miss looking good though but I'm after comfort now than style.

I also feel that I'm kinder compared before. I mean when I get upset, I don't care whoever it is I'm dealing with but now if I get annoyed, I rather shut up and leave. I tend to cry a lot too over little things unlike before. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing though. 

Caroline Soriano
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05/08/2019 3:53 pm  

Hi Robin, this is admin C!

Remembering who I was before, I think I became more responsible with my actions now that I have a son. I can't just do whatever I want because I know that it will directly affect my child. It also changed the way I think about things. I just can't let my emotions consume me. I need to be physically, mentally, and emotionally strong because, again, I believe it would affect the way I handle my son.

Before, I get mad over the simplest things and although I have a hard time controlling my temper until now, I think I can control it somehow. Less yelling. Less fight. More patience and understanding. Yey! 🍻 

Physically, I don't use much makeup and focus on skincare instead. Before, I don't go out when I'm not dolled up but now, I go after comfort than style. Sometimes, I don't like it at all but for now, what matters is my child. I can't just run fast enough and chase my energy-filled toddler in high heels! 🤣 

When I became a mom, I feel like I'm a new person and although I miss a few things about me, I won't trade motherhood and my son for anything else. 😊 



Rhys Gagnon
 Rhys Gagnon
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24/09/2019 7:50 am  


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