10 months old baby won't sleep without me  


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13/10/2019 11:22 am  

When my child's barely 6 months old, she can sleep with her mom since she's breastfeeding.

But my wife and I both noticed that recently, things have changed. Sometimes, she'd stay awake all day and wait for me to get home. Once she lies down on my arm, that's the only time that she'll be sleeping. Last time, my wife and I wanted some alone time so we put our little one to sleep and leave her to her cot but after a few minutes, she woke up crying and screaming. My wife took her first but the whining didn't stop so I tried carrying her and boom! She fell asleep almost in an instant.

It's kind of funny to realize that my daughter's clingy to his dad but the problem is, what if I have a business travel or I have to stay late for work?


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