3 year old girl is restless  


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15/12/2019 6:06 pm  

First of all, I know most if not all kids are restless. What I don't know is if my toddler's normal. She's 3 years old, super young but difficult to parent. At home, when she's awake, she won't stay still in bed for a minute.

She would lie down a few seconds and get up and jump all over the place. I can't cuddle unless she's sleeping 'cause she's taking my arms away. I wanted her to feel that hugs are nice but it seems like she doesn't want it.

When outside, let's say in a restaurant, she'd scream and make a scene if we don't take her out of the highchair. If we let her sit on a regular chair, she won't sit still. One time she almost fell down doing it. What's worse is when we try to hold or keep her secured in her chair, she bites us. I know kids love to play or explore but I'm confused. It's like she doesn't want any affection. Is this normal? What should I do?


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