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06/09/2019 10:52 pm  

My boyfriend and I have two kids but it feels like I'm a single mom. I stay at home and I do all the work -- laundry, cooking, grocery, kids, and the list just freaking go on. My bf works online 24/7.

I don't expect him to do the simplest things like wash the dishes or put out the trash but is it wrong to ask help for our kids? I can't even remember the time he held our newborn to change diapers.

If I ask him to hold her for a minute, he'll say that he freaking tired! Worse part is that he's complaining that I'm not cleaning our like what the f?

I take care of two kids and do my best to keep our house tidy but you know, I just can't!!! I'm tired, too and the last thing I want is to receive a complaint from him. Is he wrong or am I just overreacting??


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