SAHM Dilemma  


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13/10/2019 4:55 am  

I'm a SAHM for more than a year and well, it's driving me crazy! I stopped working when my child's less than 6 months because the working hours were too crazy. My husband's having a hard time too since when he's home, he also have to deal with household chores plus fetching our child from daycare.

Now that I'm at home, I tried an online job, I got 2 side hustles actually and I work at night time 'cause that's the only quiet time I have. It's all good at first but eventually, I got tired from everything. I work until 7 or 8 in the morning, sleep for a couple of hours, do household chores, take care of my kid, and you know, everything else. I can nap a little bit whenever my child's asleep but then I have to work again even in the afternoon.

When it's time for bed, I'll put my LO to sleep and nap for about an hour or two, too. Then work again. I just feel so exhausted and I don't know until when I can do this. Any tips? My friends asked me to have some me-time but it's impossible! 🙁



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