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Carolina Miller
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22/07/2019 5:57 pm  

Hi mommies!

I just want to release this. I'm at my lowest point right now. For one, I found out that my son has not just bullied two students at school but more, online. I don't know where I wen wrong. When he's still a child, I quit working so I can take care of him. My mom's there to help me but most of the times, it's me who's looking after him.

My partner and I gave him everything he needs and sometimes, even the things that he wants the most (we don't want to spoil him though). But other than the material things, I gave him all the LOVE AND ATTENTION he needs. His father's traveling a lot (business-related) but when he's home, I could tell that he's doing his best to catch up with him.

Things were going well but suddenly, my son changed. He has terrible mood swings. When our relatives at home, he won't socialize at all. He's always inside his room and whenever I try to cuddle him, he told me to go away. I feel like I'm losing my son slowly and the worse part is, almost everyone's criticizing my parenting style when they noticed my son's behavior. They said that I was too lenient and that I let my son disobey me. I don't know what to do. I was abused physically when I was a child that's why I don't want to be too strict to my son. 

Can you tell me what to do? Anybody else who experience this?


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