Any moms here who smokes?  


Katia Evans
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24/07/2019 3:55 pm  

Hi everyone! I used to smoke before my second child arrived. I tried to quit after my first pregnancy but since I was working then, I can't stop it when I feel so stressed. But now, I was able to stop myself for more than a couple of years, although sometimes I still smoke when at a party. The thing is, I found out about second and third-hand smokers so I was thinking about stopping it completely. It's just so hard to cut it out and the "nicotine withdrawal" is just too real! I feel irritable at first but I noticed that it's almost gone. I miss smoking sometimes though.

Anybody here who still smokes? Do you do it at home? Also, I want to hear advice from those who were able to quit it completely. How did it go? TIA!


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