How to lose weigh after pregnancy  


Jill Robinson
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22/07/2019 5:15 pm  

My daughter's three-years-old already but still I have a hard time losing weight. I know having the right diet and exercise is crucial but staying at home without any helpers is exhausting. I tried to squeeze in a 10-minute workout but I can't do it continuously. Just the thought of it gets me tired. 

Some of my clothes won't fit anymore. Help! 🤣 What's the best way to lose weight that's safe for breastfeeding moms (my daughter won't wean anyway).

Thanks in advance!

Katia Evans
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24/07/2019 4:54 pm  

Hi @jrobinson, I'm not sure if it's advised to have a strict diet while nursing your little one. My youngest is still breastfeeding and since I can't limit my food, what I do is drink warm apple cider vinegar-lemon-chia seed-water mixture in the morning and squeeze in a workout. Although, well, I'm too lazy to move around. 🤣 I did not gain a lot of weigh although I'm not as slim as before. I just convince myself that I need to be as healthy as I can until my baby stops nursing. 


Caitlin Wilson
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29/07/2019 4:29 pm  


Like you, I can't do a workout routine continuously. I feel too exhausted to even lift my arm anyway. So what I do instead is cut down the food I eat at night. At dinner, I eat whole wheat bread and milk or coffee and that's it. I also drink a lot of water because I read that it helps with metabolism. I hope this helps!


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