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LetsKamp Forum is a community of moms and dads of all ages who are here to share their stories about parenthood, childhood, camps, and other related topics, to provide friendly advice, and even build a connection. Considering all these, we ask that all our parents and members follow these simple guidelines to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

These are the simple rules that every member should follow:

  • All forums are categorized by topics. Please post your stories and/or concerns on the appropriate board. In case you're not able to find the right forum for your topic, please post your concerns/stories in the Welcome New Members Board so the moderator can create an appropriate board.
  • Please use tips and information provided by members at your own risk. By following any of this information, you are removing the liability of LetsKamp for any problems.
  • Strictly no advertising, spamming, or self-promoting allowed. LetsKamp moderators have the right to remove unsolicited advertisement for any products or services or any unrelated posts. Avoid spamming the boards with links to your websites, forums, or business page.
  • In line with the statement above, including member’s names and links to business page and websites in the Signature or content is not allowed. 
  • In case the topic is posted on the wrong board, the moderator has the right to move the topic to a more suitable forum.
  • Copyrighted materials posted on our forum is strictly prohibited/
  • Content containing affiliate links will be removed from the boards. Any posts that are created for the sake of generating affiliate commissions will be deleted. Any member who continues to spam the boards with affiliate links will be banned.
  • Any posts that use profanity, hate, racism, discrimination, and the like will not be tolerated. The moderator has the right to suspend the member immediately.
  • Every nationality is welcome in our forum and all non-English speaking members are required to use translation software. In line with this, be sure to use proper grammar and avoid using “text-message” style. For instance, instead of using “u”, use “you”; “ur” use “your”. 
  • Any content that contains pornography, warez, or other illicit materials will be removed and members will be banned immediately.
  • Only ONE ACCOUNT is permitted per member. There’s no need to create another account for this forum.

Failing to follow any of these guidelines can lead to immediate termination from our website. The moderator has the right to implement the necessary sanction depending on the severity of the case.

When posting a topic, you agree that the moderator of this website/forum has the right to edit, delete, or close any topic or account as soon as they see it inappropriate. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us here.


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