Having a hard time accepting the changes  


Sarah Ramey
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24/07/2019 1:31 am  

So, I got pregnant and I tend to eat a lot. I think I've gained more than a couple of pounds already. Other than that, I noticed that my neck is getting darker and my nose bigger. Also, since I have trouble sleeping, I have dark circles under my eye. I'm losing my confidence. I don't even want to talk to other people anymore. How can I love myself despite these changes? Will it get worse after I give birth? Thank you! 

Caitlin Wilson
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29/07/2019 4:39 pm  


Hi there! First of all, congratulations to your new blessing. I know it's challenging though especially with all the changes but the only thing you can do now is accept it. It's easier said than done but think of it this way: you'll only get pregnant for 9 months and after giving birth, you'll only raise your child for a few years.

For now, what you can do is invest on yourself. Buy skincare that will help lighten up dark spots and dark circles. Have me-time. Do anything that will make you feel good but of course, still safe for your baby. Have a prenatal massage or simply listen to music. Whatever it is that you are feeling will pass. It will not last forever. 

Stay positive! :)))


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