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23/08/2019 12:03 am  

Hi everyone, anybody here who has a child enrolled in Kumon? I'm looking for an after school program that would help my children improve reading and math. Can you recommend this program? What are the advantages and disadvantages of enrolling here?

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23/01/2020 1:57 pm  

Hi Jaime,

I was enrolled in Kumon many, many years ago, but I can tell you that it definitely accelerated my math skills. However, and this is important, my own parents often had to help me with the homework as it was THAT challenging. And I truly hated every moment I was at Kumon. However, this was, as I said, many years ago, and I'm sure the experience varies from center to center and teacher to teacher. (My teacher and I really had it out for each other in a crazy way, which didn't help.)

For reading skills, depending on how old your children are, I would say that getting them reading ALL THE TIME—even if it's what you might consider "non-educational" books that are silly—is the single most important thing. Libraries are great because librarians are uniformly SO happy about getting kids excited to read. They'll also be able to point you in the right direction if your kids have specific interests.

Once your kids are reading a lot, the next step is to challenge and test their skills with reading that's not just "for fun." I designed an at-home reading comprehension program called ReadingCare that gives each student a daily passage with tutorial notes, a vocabulary quiz, and a reading comprehension quiz so you can track progress. It's designed to help kids with their reading comprehension skills in a way that comes in really handy for standardized tests, but ALSO makes sure they're not just learning tips and tricks: they're really learning how to read better. Plus, it's only 15 minutes a day and based around whatever your schedule is, so it's not too onerous.

Anyway, good luck! Feel free to email me if you have any questions.




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