To skip or not to skip preschool  


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17/09/2019 2:50 pm  

Hey! Just wanna ask if you are all doing preschool or if there's anyone who skips this and go straight to kindergarten or grade 1. I don't know if I'm the only who thinks that it's just like daycare. We didn't do daycare by the way because I'm a sahm anyway.

So, my kid's turning 3 on November and here, kids start preschool at the age of 3, then junior kindergarten at 4, kindergarten at 5, grade 1 at 6, and so on.

I'm wondering if I made the right decision to skip preschool now and enroll her in kindergarten next year. Preschool costs a lot! like $600 dollars per month. That's going to be for 5 days a week , 3 hours a day and you can choose whether you want your kid to have school in the morning or afternoon. So, yes it's pretty expensive.

Also, I wasn't ready for this. One day she can't even talk but now she's school aged, almost! Interested to hear what you moms have in mind,


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