How to Relax Your Mind and De-stress as a Mom

There’s no denying that motherhood is rewarding. However, it’s also one of the most stressful experiences. Juggling between raising kids, meeting familial obligations, and working is an uphill battle. 

For these reasons, moms should allocate time to relaxing and de-stressing. If you neglect rest and self-care, your body and also mental health will be affected by the overwhelming stress. Ultimately, other aspects of your life will suffer too. To help you get started, I have highlighted several relaxation and de-stressing tips for moms. Let’s dig in:

How to Recharge Your Mind and Body

There are a couple of things you can do to recharge, such as:

Hang Out With Friends

One of the best ways to recharge is to spend time with your adult friends. Set aside a few hours to talk and laugh with your closest allies or family members.

If your schedule is too jam-packed to schedule a dinner date, arrange a coffee date when the children are in school. Or better yet, book a play date that lets you talk to your mom friends as the kids play. 

Another way to ensure you’re getting some alone time with friends is to schedule a monthly meeting, be it a book club meeting or game night. 


Using exercise to relax might seem contradictory to some. After all, it requires you to use a significant amount of energy. 

The one thing that many don’t know is that it also decreases stress hormones while simultaneously stimulating the production of endorphins. Endorphins are the hormones responsible for boosting mood and relaxation. 

So the next time you experience burnout, spare a few minutes to exercise. It doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or sophisticated routine. Whether going for a quick swim, taking a short walk, or jogging, it will still help you destress.

Treat Yourself

Far too often, moms forget to treat themselves. Some are too busy to do it, while others feel so guilty about treating themselves that they neglect it. 

However, this should never be the case. Taking time to do something you love will make you feel more centered and grounded. In return, this will improve your mood and boost your energy levels so you can play your parenting role more efficiently. The following is a list of suggestions about how you can treat yourself:

  • Make sure you get some time to yourself first thing in the morning
  • Go for a drive or a walk
  • Bake your favorite treats
  • Hide a stash of chocolate
  • Attend a wine-tasting event
  • Lose yourself in a novel
  • Plan an at-home spa day

Eat Healthy

The one thing that most moms put on the back burner is their nutrition, and it’s easy to see why. How can you prepare healthy meals for yourself when you barely have time to cook for your kids? 

But as challenging as it is, it’s crucial to prioritize your diet and nutrition. Stop eating your kids’ leftovers and snacking on junk food. Here are some tips to help you stay on track when it comes to nutrition:

  • Stock up your kitchen with nutritious foods - this way, you’ll have easy access to the ingredients you need to make healthy meals for yourself.
  • Prepare in advance - spare time during the weekend to prepare ingredients. Slice fruits and veggies then store them in sealed glass containers. 
  • Do your meal planning over the weekend - this helps save time as you already know the meals to cook during the week.

Benefits of Recharging Yourself

You’ll Be More Energetic

There’s no denying that parenting is exhausting. But so is commuting to work, shopping for groceries, and running all those other errands. 

From the minute you get up to the moment you finally retire to bed, you’re always on the go. Following such a routine day-in, day-out will leave you feeling like you’re running on empty. 

Taking time off is the best way to get your energy levels back up. Set aside time every day - even if it’s just a couple of minutes - whereby you take a break from everything and relax your mind. 

You’ll be surprised by how energetic you’ll feel from this. The more relaxed you feel, the more energy and effort you dedicate to every other task. 

You’ll Be Less Stressed

Sadly, most moms ignore their stress levels. They fail to realize that condoning high-stress levels lead to adverse effects both in the short term and long term. 

Several studies show that increased stress leads to insomnia, changes in eating habits, headaches, and more. This is why I recommend being deliberate about managing stress. 

Treat this the same way you’d adhere to a medication prescribed by your doctor. This could be going for a short walk, meditating, or practicing deep-breathing exercises. Whatever it is that helps you relax, be intentional and do it every day. 

You’ll Be Healthier

Still hesitant to take that much-needed break? Perhaps this reason will get you onboard: relaxing benefits your health significantly. 

That’s right. Taking time off will make you much healthier physically and mentally. More specifically, you’ll have a stronger immune system, mitigate the risk of multiple conditions like heart disease and be able to sleep better. 

By being relaxed, you can also identify changes or potential problems in your health more promptly. This allows you to seek medical attention early and receive treatment before the situation worsens. 

You’ll Be More Creative

Have you lost touch with your creative side? Are you exhausted from performing the same tasks every day? Well, sparing time for yourself is an excellent way to get your creative groove back. 

When you’re a mom, it’s easy to get caught up in the non-ending cycle of parenting; hence, abandon your interests. However, there’s more to life than just fulfilling your familial obligations. 

By taking a break, you’re allowing yourself to explore other things you love. Sign up for that weekend cooking class, fine-tune your photography skills or go for karaoke. This way, you can give your logic-focused left brain a break and engage your creative right brain. 


As a mom, scheduling some alone time for yourself is hard. Your days are always jam-packed with activities, which often involve kids. 

But no matter how difficult it is, it’s crucial to devote some time to relaxing and de-stressing. Yes, even if it’s just a few minutes every day. Taking a deliberate approach to relaxation boosts your energy, creativity and helps you live a healthier life.

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